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Interview at a time convenient to you!

At Thornbury Nursing we're always looking for innovative ways to improve our services. We appreciate how time consuming it can be to attend a face to face interview and that's why we have invested in new technologies enabling you to interview online, at a time convenient to you.

We have just launched our new video interview platform in partnership with Hirevue. If you’re happy to be interviewed via video, all you’ll need is an internet connection and a device capable of recording video, such as a smart phone, tablet or web cam.

Video interviews are not live – that is, they do not take place in ‘real time’ like, say, a Skype call. Instead, we’ll send you a link to a video containing a set of pre-recorded questions, and you’ll pre-record your answers and send them back to us.

This makes the process a whole lot easier and much less nerve-wracking. You can record your responses literally any time you choose, over the course of a day or two or all in one go. What’s best is you get two chances to answer each question if you don’t feel comfortable with your original answer.

What’s great about video interviewing?

  • Convenience – book your interview around your free time and within the leisure of your own home
  • Interview within a week
  • Fast track to work – Applicants who have had video interviews previously were able to start working in a shorter time
  • Easy to use – worried that you’re not a technical person? Hirevue is really simple and allows you to interview on a variety of devices.

Don’t feel confident in front of the camera? Rest assured, you don’t have to video interview. Our video interviewing solution is completely optional.

Want to find out more about registering with Thornbury and benefiting from our online interview solution? Call the recruitment team on 0345 120 5252 or email


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