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What do people say about us?

“Thornbury nominated me for the Nursing Times ‘Agency Nurse of the Year Award’ which was pretty amazing! I felt quite honoured when Pam rang me up and asked if I would like to represent the agency actually, I had to do a presentation in front of a board of judges which was quite interesting! It was a bit nerve-racking but I managed to get through to the finals and attended the awards show at the Hilton in London! IT was great to be recognised at that level.”

“I joined Thornbury as an agency nurse over 10 years ago. It was an easy decision for me to go from part time to full time with Thornbury as I wanted the flexibility of agency work to help keep my home life adaptable. When my kids were young I was able to spend more time with them as I worked mostly nights. I've never looked back.”

“My favourite part about being a Thornbury Nurse is the flexibility it gives you – I can be my own boss!”

“I love the variety Thornbury gives me – no two days are the same. It makes things interesting; if I worked in the same place every day it would do my head in!”

“The training team at Thormbury have helped me keep up-to-date with Mandatory training requirements and the best thing is you can choose when you want to come in to do a course. The team is willing to listen to new ideas I have about what courses I’d like to do too, it’s good for my CPD.”

“I have worked in over 150 Hospitals and health care setting since working for Thornbury! I would never have accumulated the wealth of skills or experienced such a diversity of settings if I hadn’t chosen to go full time with Thornbury. It’s been amazing! I love a challenge, I’m a confident chap and I can talk to anyone so I love going into different settings and being part of other nursing teams.”

“The variety is fantastic – every day is different and I really thrive on that.”

“I always try and be an ambassador for the company when I’m on shift – I often say ‘Thornbury is the best!’ which is an opinion I’m proud to voice.”

‘’Payroll is excellent. It’s great that you can be paid 4 times per week now”

"I can wait up to 7 weeks to be paid at my full time job but with TNS I am always paid within 72 hours – fantastic!’’

'I want to say a big thank you to Thornbury. I was not sure at first but as soon as I started to do some shifts I felt very supported and proud to be part of this amazing team. The flexibility of schedule and the proximity of shifts make it really worth it. Thank you so much for everything'


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