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Be straight on rates

Is your agency honest with you about your pay and any associated fees?

At Thornbury Nursing we’re highlighting how important it is for agencies to be transparent with their nurses about what they are being paid and any fees they are being charged. Ask yourself the following questions, then #askyouragency:

Does your agency charge you administration fees for updating your compliance?
We guarantee we won’t charge you any administration fees

Does your agency charge you for processing timesheets?
We guarantee we won’t charge you for running our payroll

Does your agency charge you a weekly admin fee? Are you charged for working for a Framework Agency?
We guarantee we won’t charge you an admin fee for working for us

Does your agency pay you on time?
We guarantee we’ll pay you when we say we will

Does you agency pay you the rates that they advertised when you applied?
We guarantee we’ll pay what we say

Is your agency straight with you? Do you know what you’re paying for?
We guarantee we’ll be open and straight with you at all times

Thornbury Nursing. We will always be honest with you. We will always pay what we say.

Ask your agency!

You deserve to work with an agency which is open and honest with you. If you’re working with another agency and do not fully understand your pay rates or associated fees, ASK!

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