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Audit Results

''There were no recommendations to make to enhance Thornbury Nursing's service of quality''
Neuven Audit Solutions

Diamond audit score

We place a strong emphasis on quality; quality that has been recognised by Neuven Solutions, an independent auditor specialising in quality checking Framework agencies.

Neuven provides staffing sector consultancy services to individual clients and staffing agencies. Our Neuven audit result shows just how much we mean what we say – you can rely on us to deliver the highest quality.

Over two days, 50 candidate files and 50 timesheets were audited against various categories and which amounted to 2252 individual checks.

Our audit criteria:

  • 2 days
  • 15 areas of compliance
  • 50 candidates
  • 50 files
  • 50 timesheets
  • 46 Internal process checks
  • 2252 specific checks

Our audit results:

We scored 2247 out of 2252 which gave us a
Diamond Audit Score of 99.78%

What Neuven said about us:

Neuven Solutions have been providing their independent auditing services to Thornbury Nursing since 2013 and in agreement with Thornbury Nursing, have evidenced the audit criteria evolve over this period to ensure continuous improvement, new legislation and client demands are met.

Throughout the course of the 2018 audit, as with previous audits, Thornbury Nursing demonstrated their continued commitment to providing highly skilled, expert and compliant candidates to their various clients (including NHS & Private organisations as well as CCGs, local authorities and clients at home in the community).

With their internal staff training programme, as well as robust, all-inclusive policies, processes & practices this ensures sufcient safeguarding and employment checks are completed on all candidates prior to their deployment. The goal for any audit is to show continuous improvement year on year, regardless of how minimal that improvement may be.

Thornbury Nursing have been able to improve on last year’s (2017) audit result with 5 less non-compliances and an increase in the percentage score of 0.22%. It must be noted that 46 out of 50 Candidate files sampled during this audit were considered 100% contract compliant, further verifying the high levels of consistency.

Overall, Thornbury Nursing achieved an audit result of 99.78% (Diamond), once again confirming Thornbury Nursing’s ongoing commitment to provide fully vetted, safe and compliant agency workers to their clients.

There were no recommendations to make to enhance Thornbury Nursing’s service of quality.

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